Tammy Glynn
Fast Facts:
  • Married with four stepchildren
  • Family includes a dog and a cat
  • Studied Accounting at Clackamas Community College

Contact Information
Tammy Glynn
503-244-4294 Ext. 1007

Tammy Glynn

Tammy's Role at Conference Solutions

As Finance Manager, Tammy handles all the accounting functions for Conference Solutions as well as the conference financial management needs of our clients' events. This involves managing booking of revenue and expenses related to all the facets of an event and showing the profitability of it.

Why She Does It

Tammy has an extensive background in accounting and bookkeeping. She believes everyone needs to know if they're making money or not! She loves the process of tracking all of the transactions to provide clients with that insight.

Away from Work

Tammy's free time is filled with family and cheering on the kids and her nieces at sporting events. Her happiest times are when the family is all together and her favorite vacation spot is the happiest place on earth — Disneyland. She longs to go on a Caribbean cruise some day where she can soak up the sun, relax and play with the family.