Our Approach

Provide Complete Conference Management Services

We believe the most efficient and effective way to truly support you is to provide end-to-end conference management services. Through every phase of the process, our experienced team is by your side to handle the logistical details and provide expert guidance you can use to not only to reach your immediate conference goals but to help you strategize your next meeting or conference.

Pre-conference services

We provide the platform to jumpstart your conference. We’ll help you identify your conference objectives, develop budgets and conference plans, select sites and vendors, negotiate contracts, provide project management expertise and more.

Onsite logistics and management

Once your conference kicks-off we’re your go-to-resource for onsite logistics and management services. We work with hotels and vendors, handle onsite registration, oversee transportation, manage special event production, coordinate session materials and audio-visual equipment and more.

Post-conference evaluation and reporting

Immediately following your conference we survey your participants to get their feedback and insight. We also provide a variety of reports, final accounting and more. This information gives us vital intelligence we can use to plan and improve your next conference and a clear picture of your conference’s bottom line results.

Put Technology to Work

We complement our personalized, hands-on service with state-of-the-art software tools and a centralized, secure database for all your conference information. By using these integrated software tools we are able to:

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and provide secure, centralized access to accurate conference data
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency by automating key conference management tasks
  • Easily collaborate with key stakeholders during all phases of conference planning and execution
  • Create a productive work environment that eases the burden on your staff
  • Deliver an exceptional level of service to conference participants, sponsors and suppliers
  • Provide real-time visibility into budgets, costs, contracts, schedules and other vital information
  • Leverage a wealth of historical data to build relationships and plan for the success of future conferences

We’re Committed to Your Conference Success

We combine personalized service with proven processes and the latest software tools to lower costs, save time and ensure your conference meets, or exceeds, your goals and objectives.

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