Marketing and Communications Services...
                     ...for Conferences, Meetings, Tradeshows and more.

Getting the word out and creating positive buzz is essential for holding and growing a successful conference. With Conference Solutions as your partner, you have access to a full range of marketing and communications services to publicize your conference, build excitement and keep your participants informed.

As part of our marketing and communications services, we’ll help you promote your event with professional email campaigns, invitations and branded websites. To keep your participants up-to-date and engaged throughout your event our team will produce and distribute onsite communications like program guides, web casts, press conferences and more. We don’t stop there. After the conference we help with post-conference evaluations to gain participants’ feedback, which together we can use to improve and plan your next conference.

Our Marketing and Communications Services Include:

  • Websites
  • Eflyers
  • Ongoing email list management
  • Printed materials
  • Web casting
  • Live press conference production

Benefits of Our Marketing and Communications Services

Conference Solutions helps you plan, execute and evaluate professional marketing and communications activities so you can:

  • Increase attendance and drive registrations
  • Save time and money by automating communications processes
  • Keep participants informed with up-to-date information
  • Produce more accessible and relevant printed and online content
  • Maximize your marketing budget with highly targeted marketing outreach
  • Leverage centralized historical data to easily plan, track and manage future marketing activities

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