Registration Management Services...
                     ...for Conferences, Meetings, Tradeshows and more.

To flawlessly manage conference registration you need experience, organization and the right tools. Without these, registration management can be a great burden involving a confusing and complicated series of spreadsheets and manual processes. Conference Solutions can relieve you of this burden and make registration virtually effortless for you and your attendees.

As your friendly, go-to team we handle all phases of registration including pre-registration communications and planning, online and onsite registration support, badge creation, reporting and more. Using integrated, online tools we capture information on your stakeholders in a central database and then automate various registration processes. Not only does this streamline registration for your current conference, but it also provides vital information we can use as the foundation for planning your next meeting or conference.

Our Registration Management Services Include:

  • Secure, centralized database of stakeholders (sponsors, exhibitors, complementary registrants, speakers, groups)
  • Individual customer IDs and passwords
  • Group registrations
  • Weekly registration reports
  • Membership dues
  • Demographic studies
  • Online registration
  • Integration with event management
  • Customizable badges
  • Session info
  • Event histories

Benefits of Our Registration Services

With our unsurpassed service and automated, online tools we take the time and hassle out of registration so you can:

  • Simplify registration for all your conference participants
  • Increase the number of registrations and improve attendance year over year
  • Eliminate tedious, error-prone or duplicate data entry
  • Capture all registration data in a centralized location – no more juggling multiple spreadsheets or starting from scratch each year
  • Stay informed and gain visibility into real-time and historical registration data
  • Reduce the time, cost and complexity of planning your next event

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