Site Selection Services...
                     ...for Conferences, Meetings, Tradeshows and more.

Where you hold your conference is extremely important to conference success. It needs to entice attendees and provide the right facilities to meet your standards, meeting space requirements, agenda and budget.

As an expert in international conference management, Conference Solutions can help you select the perfect location for your next conference. With relationships around the globe and extensive experience working with hotels, convention centers and venues of all sizes, our culturally savvy team knows how to find just the right location to fit your goals, objectives and resources. They’ll scrutinize locations, negotiate contract terms, interface with property managers and record all site selection activities in a central database to aid future planning. Every possible detail is covered to minimize your risks, save you money and ensure you receive the high quality service that will make your conference venue receive rave reviews.

Our Site Selection Include:

  • Historical analysis
  • Custom RFP and site review
  • Site visit with client
  • Contract negotiation

The Benefits of Our Global Site Selection

We’ve helped organizations select conference sites around the globe for groups of all sizes. Our extensive site selection expertise can help you:

  • Negotiate the best terms, cutoff dates and rates for your hotels, equipment and venues
  • Maximize budgets and minimize unforeseen expenses
  • Protect your organization with contract language that mitigates potential exposure
  • Match the right venue, location and service offering to your unique meeting requirements
  • Centralize information in one database for easy tracking, reporting, evaluation and planning
  • Bridge language and cultural barriers
  • Gain the best ROI on your event