Speaker Management Services...
                     ...for Conferences, Meetings, Tradeshows and more.

Quality speakers and engaging content are keys to drawing attendees to your conference. Together they establish your credibility and relevance within your field. Therefore, you need to spend your time attracting the best possible speakers and leave the logistics of your speaker program management to us.

With years of experience managing speakers around the globe, Conference Solutions can coordinate speaker logistics with ease. We’ll handle speaker registration and travel, oversee contracts and honorariums, manage schedules, produce session materials and perform onsite management support to collect and distribute content. We’ve got everything covered to ensure your speakers are happy and their sessions are well organized.

Our Speaker Management Services Include:

  • Pre-conference speaker management
  • Contracts
  • Speaker communications
  • Onsite speaker slide collection
  • Honorarium/benefit fulfillment

Benefits of Our Speaker Management Services

Conference Solutions handles all the details of your speaker program so you can:

  • Make it easy for conference contributors to participate in your event
  • Maintain schedules and budgets
  • Respond more quickly and effectively to speakers and other content contributors
  • Produce high quality conference materials
  • Manage, track and fulfill honorariums and other benefits easily
  • Collect and organize speaker records in a centralized database for future planning and evaluation

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