Tradeshows and Sponsorships Program Services

A big challenge for many conference organizers is how to provide tradeshow and sponsorship programs that deliver real value to exhibitors and sponsors while controlling costs and administrative burdens on staff. That’s where Conference Solutions can help.

With years of experience in conference management, Conference Solutions is uniquely qualified to help you develop, run and improve your tradeshow and sponsorship programs. We act as a single point of contact for your exhibitors and sponsors and combine personal service, historical data and software tools to handle tradeshow registration, planning and onsite logistics. With Conference Solutions as part of your team, you can be confident your exhibitors’ and sponsors' needs and expectations are met and you’ve maximized the revenue potential of your conference without taking your time and resources away from your other essential duties.

Our Trade Show and Sponsorship Services Include:

  • Tradeshow and sponsorship program design, development and fulfillment
  • Exhibitor and sponsor liaisons
  • Onsite logistics
  • Exhibitor and supplier contract management
  • Registration and badges
  • Sponsor and exhibition guides

Benefits of Our Trade Show and Sponsorship Services

Conference Solutions takes your tradeshow and sponsorship programs to the next level so you can:

  • Improve customer service for your exhibitors and sponsors
  • Increase sales
  • Control costs
  • Increase visibility and access to information
  • Reduce the time and burden of tradeshow and sponsorship management on you and your staff
  • Keep timelines, schedules and budgets on track
  • Gain insight into historical data on exhibitors and sponsors

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