Travel Services...
                     ...for Conferences, Meetings, Tradeshows and more.

Key to a positive conference experience is smooth travel and comfortable lodgings. Yet, arranging airfares, accommodations and ground transportation for your conference participants is a complicated and specialized job. You have enough on your hands already, so leave the travel arrangements to Conference Solutions.

Conference Solutions has years of experience in the industry and long-standing relationships with reputable travel, lodging and transportation providers around the globe. As your front-line liaison we negotiate tough contracts, get you the best rates, manage communications and help ensure attendees enjoy a pleasant journey. Behind the scenes, we couple this high-level of service with online tools that automate processes and centralize information in one place to make coordinating travel and housing arrangements as effortless as possible.

Our Travel Services Include:

  • Airline ticketing
  • Hotel contracts
  • Individual and group hotel reservations
  • Hotel room block monitoring
  • Tour programs

Benefits of Our Travel Services

Our travel services are part of our overall commitment to making your conference an outstanding achievement. With Conference Solutions as your travel manager you can:

  • Reduce the time and costs of managing travel and housing
  • Negotiate and secure the best rates and contract terms
  • Assess and reserve accommodations that fit the size and needs of your group
  • Simplify travel arrangements for conference participants
  • Centralize travel records in one database for easy planning, tracking, reporting and evaluation
  • Increase conference attendance

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